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Fatbox INDE Hard Drive - SK21-A

Fatbox INDE HDD SK21
Fatbox INDE Hard Drive - SK21-A
Fatbox INDE Hard Drive - SK21-A


Fatbox INDE Hard Drive - SK21-A

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This is an original NEW Games Media Fatbox INDE Multi-game quiz machine replacement hard drive unit, for the Fatbox INDE games fitted with the Shuttle XPC SK21 PC system.

Fatbox INDE systems can be fitted with one of 4 PC systems, and to make sure you order the correct drive:

- SK21 with the Aardvark Milan PCI Card
- SK22 with the Aardvark Milan PCI Card
- SK22 with the USB Paylink system fitted next to the hopper
- SK43 with the Aardvark Milan PCI Card

The PC model type (SK number) can be identified from the model label, on the botton of the Shuttle PC unit.

The Aarvark PCI card can be seen at the rear of the PC and has extra connectors for the CC Talk system on the PCI card. Aardvark based systems also have the multi-wire cable that connects to the 25 pin LPT connector at the top centre of the back of the PC tray (see photos).

The Paylink based systems have no PCI card, but have a seperate graphics card to the left hand side of the rear of the PC.

Drives are fitted with the latest full release software (at the time of writing this is 10/10 but will be upgraded to 11/04 as soon as the latest software release has been mastered by Games Media. An 11/04 software update disk will be included free of charge, while we are waiting for Games Media to update their mastering systems.

All drives are brand new and type will vary, but all will be know brand drives - IDE drives will be supplied as standard.

12 Month Warranty Included