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Kortek 2938-F

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Kortek 2938-F


Kortek 2938-F
(KT 2938-F)

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This is a new in the box, Kortek KT 2938-F Open Frame Industrial SVGA monitor assembly.

This was the original monitor fitted to the Global VR PGA tour golf game as well as other arcade games.

The photgraphs show the monitor with the protective screen cover still fitted.

This unit is perfect for retrofitting older video game cabinets with a replacement SVGA monitor and is perfect for mame conversions on 29" or to convert your 29" CGA/EGA cabinet to a new standard to handle the higher res games that are manufactured today - eg convert your Astro City cab to get the full graphical quality of Naomi, Namco and Taito systems. For MAME applications, you can use this monitor without the need for an expensive low-res video card - it will simply be a case of plugging the VGA lead (included) into your PC with a matching graphics mode set, and that's it.

Typical Application - Replace Sega MS9-29 with SVGA monitor to benefit from graphic quality of Dreamcast, N64 etc emulators built onto a mame emulator system, where 320 x 200 will just look very poor - also improves emulator front-ends with good graphics. The 2 pics shown are taken from my mame system running mamewah on the front end. Alternatively, an ideal replacement for the Hi-res monitors used in Sega's Naomi, Lindbergh, Chihiro driving games.

Mains power is via a standard 'kettle' style lead, which plugs into a female connector lead (supplied) which then plugs directly into the monitor. I do have stock of some male kettle leads which are open ended so you can connect them directly into your cabinet mains connection via crimp terminals or you can piggy back to your game cabinet power supply mains input terminals.

The frame has various mounting holes on both x and y axis so you should have adequate mounting opportunities with your cabinet - or you can even drill new holes if required. If you are replacing an existing Sega 29"/ 29" monitor (these are actually 68cms tubes also - same as this kortek unit) then you can just swap the tube and chassis over and put it in the same metal frame that your existing Nanao or Sanwa monitor is mounted in. I do also have some Sega Sanwa/Nanao chassis that this can be rebuilt into

Adjustments and settings are controlled via a PCB with 4 mini-pushbuttons located at the bottom of the unit, which function in the same way to a modern LCD monitor control. The range of functions is way over that traditionally available to open frame crt monitors and you will be able to adjust ALL monitor functions directly from the front control panel with no need to mess about with the chassis pcb.

This unit is quite heavy and fragile - it is supplied in factory packaging and can be shipped via pallet freight.